Branch Circuit Monitoring

NHP’s branch monitoring solution connects directly to the load side of circuit breakers for simultaneous monitoring of numerous single and/or three-phase loads. Its compact size and ability to monitor up to 96 channels with its respective split core current sensor TCD12 makes it ideal for high-density monitoring within a Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

Features and Benefits
  • Compact size meter and CTs to fit in panelboards
  • Easy to connect CTs scalable to monitor and analyse any combination of single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase loads for a maximum of 96 channels, up to 32A per channel
  • Capability to monitor locally or remote with free to download UCS software
  • Options for Modbus RTU or TCP
  • View up to six different energy tariffs
  • Up to 16 alarm management


Branch circuit monitoring solution

Connection type:

Connect up to 8x 12-channel CTs (TCD12)

System Variables:

kWh, kVArh, V, A, VA/W/Var, PF, Hz, THD (32nd harmonic), K-factor, phase-sequence

Active energy accuracy /IEC 62053-21:

Class 0.5S (mains), Class 2 for individual channels

Four Quadrant Monitoring:


Comms Enabled:

Yes (Ethernet TCP or Modbus RTU)

Other I/O:

Various configurations available through add-on modules, including digital I/O and analogue and temperature inputs

Additional Features:

Up to 16 internal alarms available, event and datalogging with onboard memory

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