• What type of application can CUBIC be used for?
    • Main Switchboards
    • Distribution Boards
    • Motor Control Centers
    • Power Factor Corrections Units
    • Control Panels
  • Who builds CUBIC?
    CUBIC is built by accredited and trained switchboard manufacturers who have been trained on the system.
    Refer to CUBIC partners for switchboard manufactures who have been trained and accredited to assemble CUBIC.
  • What are the maximum dimensions for CUBIC?
    • Box Construction Type (bolt together size) Maximum: W = 10M , H = 10M , D = 2M (M = Module 192 mm)
    • Frame Construction Type (with frame + covers) Maximum modules per plinth: W = 12M , H = 12M , D = 4M (M = Module 192 mm)

    There are no limits on multiples of the above being used for Width, Height, Depth when using panel types.

  • What type of standard is CUBIC built to?

    CUBIC is built to AS/NZS 61439: 2016, including Arc Fault containment tests AS/NZS 3439:1 2002 Annex ZD, IEC TR61641

  • What is CUBIC tested for?

    Type tests:

    1. Temperature-rise limit
    2. Dielectric properties
    3. Short-circuit withstand strength
    4. Effective of the protective circuit
    5. Clearances and creepage distance
    6. Mechanical operation
    7. Degree of protection

    UL Tests

    1. Temperature-rise
    2. Dielectric voltage withstand
    3. Short-circuit withstand
    4. Grounding and bonding
    5. Spacing
    6. Environmental rating

    Other Tests

    1. Vibration and Shock
    2. Seismic test, earthquake simulation
    3. Arcing-fault test
    4. Surface treatment
  • What colours finish does CUBIC come in?


    • Grey RAL 7035
    • Orange RAL 2000


  • Where does NHP provide training for CUBIC?
    NHP provides training all across Australia and New Zealand. This ensures switchboard manufacturers follow best assembly practices and CUBIC guidelines when using the modular system.
  • Can anyone have training on the CUBIC system?

    For the different CUBIC accreditation systems you must have:

    Easy Start Course:

    • Applicant must have experience in the electrical industry.

    System Builder Course:

    • Applicant must have several years of experience in the electrical industry with specific knowledge of AS/NZS 61439.  Applicants must agree to their eligibility being verified by NHP. And agree to abide by the CUBIC Partnership agreement.

    Additional Modules:

    • Applicant must be an existing Accredited System Builder Certificate Holder.
  • How do I apply for training?
    Contact us and you will then be contacted and invited to of the next training session in your area.
  • How long am I CUBIC accredited for after undertaking training?

    NHP will review accreditation annually and reserves the right to withdraw certification without notice.

    Following training, support will be available at any time via NHP staff at State office level. Depending on the level of accreditation support would be minimal, due to the high level of independence.

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