NHP Concept Panelboards - Applicable Standards

The Concept range of panelboards has been designed and tested to both Parts 2 and 3 of 61439. All of the of the catalogued Panelboards up to 250A are to part 3 and the 400A models are to part 2.

Part 3 - AS/NZS 61439.3 Distribution Panelboards
  • Intended to be operated by ordinary persons
  • Current rating not exceeding 250A (InA 250A)
  • An outgoing circuit not exceeding 125A (Inc 125A)
  • No form of separation (if needed must be to part 2)
Part 2 - AS/NZS 61439.2 Distribution Panelboards
  • Any current rating. The Concept Range is most commonly available in 160A, 250A, 400A or 630A
  • No current limit on an outgoing circuit
  • Specified to have a form of separation
NHP Concept Panelboards - testing and performance

NHP has conducted thorough testing utilising 3rd party Nata accredited test laboratories such as TÜV Rheinland Australia Pty. Ltd. as well as the NHP internal test station.
NHP has gone over and above the requirement of the standards to ensure maximum safety and reliability of the product. One key example of this with the short-circuit withstand testing of complete assembly with variety of circuit protection devices at fault levels starting at 10kA right up to 63kA (backup with an external upstream device).

Concept Panelboard solutions

NHP has an extensive range of Panelboard models in stock, allowing for a quick turnaround if you need that panelboard urgently.
Some of the standard off the shelf configurations consist of.

  • IP40 Concept One, IP42 Concept Plus, IP66 Concept Premier
  • Grey or Orange colours
  • 24-96 way
  • Main Switch options: None, 160A, 250A, 400A isolators or up to 200A MCCB
  • Single or dual metered
  • Extra row
  • Accessory modules
  • Standard or Isolation chassis
  • Advanced RCD testing retrofit solutions
    Concept Panelboards offer value-add solutions that are built to your specifications based on standard Concept Panelboard design. NHP’s XPD software allows these designs to be drawn up quickly, further improving the turnaround time from enquiry to supply.
Staying within scope of the design

One important feature with the 61439 series of standards is that the complete assembly is verified to comply. If you start to make additions or alterations to the design, then the person doing this works takes on the responsibility for this altered design and needs to ensure the updated assembly is verified to comply with the 61439 standard - the original manufacturer is no longer responsible.

With the Concept Panelboard, range there are several additions or alterations that can be completed to a catalogued configuration, so that the assembly still complies to the standard.
For more information on NHP’s 61439 compliance package or other SMART Power Distribution solutions, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:
Australia - 1300 NHP NHP nhpsales@nhp.com.au

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For further information on NHP Concept Panelboards and AS/NZS 61439, please download the brochure or contact your local NHP representative on 1300 NHP NHP.

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AS/NZS 61439 standard update
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