Multifunction Meters

NHP’s range of three-phase multifunction meters are available in DIN mount or panel mount options. These meters are a versatile and reliable range for measuring and monitoring energy consumption in your applications. With its advanced features such as multi-tariff, WAGES measurements and power quality analysis, these multifunction meters allow you to track your energy usage and critical system variables in real time. The meter has a wide range of communication options, making it easy to integrate with other devices, systems and software. The multifunction meters are easy to install and have modular design options to allow for the most economical solution for any application.

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Product Range

IME NEMO D4 LE Multifunction Energy Meters
IME NEMO D4-LE Multifunction Energy Meters

The Nemo D4-LE is a compact DIN mountable multifunction meter that offers all the system variables required, including harmonic current and voltage up to 50th harmonic. Perfect for retrofit applications.