White Papers - Technical News

Technical News is an NHP publication that in each edition explores relevant industry topics in one clear and concise paper. This paper is a fantastic educational tool and can be a once off read or a long term resource for your future reference.


  • NHPTNL81
    Circuit breaker service life
    When a circuit breaker is installed in a power distribution system, unfortunately once the switchboard is put into service, the majority of times it is then forgotten.
  • NHPTNL80
    Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Design Considerations
    Providing solutions for load management, billing and data reporting associated with EV charging equipment in commercial buildings and apartment complexes.
  • NHPTNL79
    Power Factor Correction - What technology is best for you?
    This Technical News explores different methods with which to correct the power factor within installations.
  • NHPTNL78
    The evolution of Switchboard Standards
    Educational paper outlining standards updates and detailing industry application and variations to previous standards.
  • NHPTNL77
    Solutions to prevent overheating of critical switchgear
    This Technical News discusses the overheating of critical switchgear.
  • NHPTNL76
    The evolution of Energy Management
    This Technical News provides a beginners guide to Energy Management and the considerations for industry in the context of Smart Buildings.
  • NHPTNL75
    Automatic Transfer Switches in Low Voltage Applications
    This Technical News discusses a number of common methods and design considerations for Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) used in low voltage power distribution systems. Within this Technical News low voltage refers to power distribution systems with voltages up to 1000VAC.
  • NHPTNL74
    High Efficiency Motors & Type 2 Coordination Motor Starting
    Industry is always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and monitoring of energy. One way to do this is through the use of high efficiency induction motors, however this has caused some challenges. This white-paper is sure to help you overcome them!
  • NHPTNL73
    Distribution Substation Case Study - Monitoring, evaluation and intelligent management
    This Technical News will present a detailed case study of a distribution substation installation located in a major capital city high-rise development.
  • NHPTNL72
    Is your power supply safe and secure?
    This Technical Newsletter discussed risks associated with ageing switchgear and the benefits of using modern switchgear.
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