Your leadership, good or bad, will make a difference

Your leadership good or bad will make a difference hero

Let’s discuss the understated power of leadership which exists in every business despite its scale or size. Leadership is a remarkably potent force, whether it is good or bad.

Regardless of its quality, leadership can transform the attitude and performance of groups and individuals. Here are some important elements of leadership that I see as crucial to survive in the ever increasing connected world.


Good leadership amplifies the skills of individuals. When team members are well led, they apply their abilities more confidently and more proactively. Those working for an active and effective leader tend to contribute more willingly, more often. Motivated people will try new ideas and not feel pigeon holed, working towards better business outcomes. On the other side of the coin, poorly led people are likely to do the minimum necessary, to the lowest acceptable level. Individuals are unlikely to feel pride in their work and will require close supervision which is a distraction and ultimately an extra cost for your business.


Good leadership builds teams and binds them together by promoting a sense of shared responsibility and rewards. Effective leaders bring people together, because individuals are happier and perform better when they are part of a team. People who are part of a well led group are more respectful of each other and more loyal to the team and their leader.

Inclusive leadership combines the abilities of individuals to achieve outcomes that would be impossible if attempted alone. Age, gender and diversity play a huge role when building high performance teams, especially if you are looking to deploy new technology into your business.


Generation T (Technology) is here, that’s right the sons and daughters of baby boomers who cut their social networking teeth on Myspace, before graduating to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and, for business LinkedIn. Of all the people we manage today, this is the group that is the most misunderstood.

Currently they comprise almost 40% of the workforce. By 2025, that number will be approaching 75%. This collective of young people are our future leaders and managers. Some of the better ones are already managing people and are doing it well. We just have to get used to this ever changing dynamic.


Good leadership supports individuals and protects teams in tough times. People who trust their leader and have confidence in their teammates are more resilient and more likely to see beyond a crisis.

In rapidly changing situations, they will respond more effectively to, and recover better from, setbacks. They are also motivated to find better ways to safeguard the organisation from similar shocks in the future.


Good leadership encourages people to act on their own initiative. Selfstarters are rewarded and encouraged to speak up. People are primed to see opportunities and exploit them.

New Leaders

Good leadership allows potential leaders to spread their wings and practice leading others. Team members get opportunities to shine and grow, extending their confidence and leadership skills.

This is a tactic we use at NHP by assembling cross functional project teams to focus on what’s important. At the conclusion of the project we have a better idea where to place those team members according to their skillset.

In summary, sometimes it’s good to take time out of your business and reflect on your biggest asset, your staff. At NHP we have invested significant funds in developing the next generation of leaders across the business.

We have also invested in our Sales Team with training to ensure we remain relevant asking the customer questions about their business it’s like the old saying you don’t know what you don’t know. We have to be on the front foot and adjust our selling style with the ever changing market conditions and advancement in technology.

I wish you every success for the remainder of the year.

Kind regards,

Mark Pattison

Sales Director

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