You dont have to be a data scientist to use predictive analytics with FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI

Next Gen Control Logix 5580 controllers

Imagine you could predict exactly when an engine would overheat, or anticipate future equipment degradation. Well now you can. NHP allows you to design and maintain systems to reduce reliability and quality issues while delivering continuous improvement.

All this is possible with well the FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI™, an embedded analytics module from Rockwell Automation that empowers customers to apply machine learning concepts without needing a data scientist.

Many existing analytics technologies require deep expertise in both data science and industrial processes. But this add-on module for ControlLogix® controllers removes that requirement by using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect production anomalies and alert workers so they can investigate or intervene as required.

Applying analytics allows users to start modelling their system to identify scrap potential and out of tolerance operational behaviour in advance of downtime or losses.

Utilising a predictive model, LogixAI™ identifies slow changing deviations that cannot be detected by other means and enables proactive thinking to address conditions before production is impacted. It can also estimate values from incomplete data by acting as a virtual sensor reducing the manual effort required to capture and record readings.

LogixAI™ fits directly into a control chassis and streams controller data over the backplane to build predictive models. It can continuously monitor a production operation, detecting anomalies against its derived understanding.

Simple to configure straight out of the box, the LogixAI™ system is installed and connected via EtherNet, then all you have to do is select the output variable you want to model and monitor then select potential inputs or state variables that could impact the output variable. LogixAI™ automated modelling then cleanses the data and determines the relationship as a mathematical function. You set the model to calculate predictions and use your automation skills to integrate predictions and the model can also be trained using the User Defined Tag Structure.

The LogixAI™ module is the newest addition to the FactoryTalk® Analytics™ portfolio from Rockwell Automation. The portfolio includes FactoryTalk® Analytics™ for Devices, which learns about an automation system’s structure to tell workers about problems with individual devices. The LogixAI™ module expands on this by learning about an automation system’s application and helping identify anomalies with its overall function.

Harness the power of machine learning to predict the behaviour of your system.

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