Unlock the benefits of a modern control system

A modern control system is more than its name implies. It delivers the fast system performance, high capacity and optimized productivity that you need from a control system these days.   

The ControlLogix® 5580 family of controllers uses the Studio 5000® design environment as the standard framework that optimizes productivity, reducing time to commission. This framework manages Integrated Motion over EtherNet/IP for high-speed motion applications and can also help you create more competitive operations with:

  • Common plant-wide control - ControlLogix 5580 controllers provide multi-discipline control for discrete, motion and process applications
  • A simplified architecture - Our Logix offerings work together in what we call our Integrated Architecture® offering. It helps you keep costs down and reduce system complexity
  • Enhanced security - the ControlLogix 5580 controller incorporates security mechanisms like centralised authentication and access control to help keep your systems secure. Rockwell Automation has also received ISO 27001 certification to help protect intellectual property, and their vulnerability-management process aligns to IEC 29147 and 30111.
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Launch process applications faster! 
Building process applications from the ground up can slow your time to market and create the potential for errors. The ControlLogix 5580 process controller can save you precious engineering time and effort, so you can deploy applications faster and with less risk.  

The controller is preloaded with the software, tools and faceplates you need for your application, and allows you to leverage the PlantPAx® library of process objects.  
The ControlLogix 5580 process controller can also:  

  • Reduce the footprint and complexity of your applications with cutting edge processing power and capacity
  • Drive consistency in single projects and multi-site deployments with native process instructions embedded in the controller
  • Reduce system costs by providing process control and position control in one platform
  • Reduce security risks with system architectures that are certified to the IEC 62443-3-3 security standard
  • Better use controller memory by leveraging content and instructions that are native on the controller rather than downloaded from a website.  

When you bring skids that use the CompactLogix™ 5380 controller into a process application that uses the ControlLogix 5580 process controller, it all comes together in our Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture. The result? A standardized backbone for your process application — one that’s easier for workers to learn, operate and maintain. 

Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix 5380 Process Controllers feature Native Process instructions to reduce the need to import Add-On instructions. They offer integrated motion support, simplify lifecycle management with conformal coating options and are available in standard memory options of 2MB and 4MB.

For more information on ControlLogix Process Controllersor other Rockwell Automation products, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us: 

Australia - 1300 NHP NHP            nhpsales@nhp.com.au
New Zealand -  0800 NHP NHP            sales@nhp-nz.com


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