New E100 Electronic Overload Relay helps prevent motor damage and downtime

The new Allen-Bradley E100 Electronic Motor Overload Relay can help industrial companies better protect their motors and avoid unplanned downtime. The next generation of Allen-Bradley Electronic Overload Relays more accurately measures a motor’s current load, models its temperature and shuts the motor off when it’s in danger of damage due to overheating.

Options are available to immediately detect jams and ground faults, enabling faster responses to these specific conditions. A remote reset option is also available.

The E100 Overload Relay comes in basic and advanced configurations. The basic model has two user-adjustable trip-class settings of 10 and 20. The advanced model has four trip class settings: 10, 15, 20 and 30. Above a sensing range of 100A, the advanced model can use external current transformer configurations to achieve a maximum rating of 800A.

The E100 Overload Relay is part of the Rockwell Automation integrated motor control system. It can mount directly to 100-C contactors up to 100A. 

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