Networked safety helps streamline machine design

Benefit from the ability to integrate safety into your control system. Unveiling Rockwell Automation’s Networked Safe Torque Off, NHP provides the same benefits as hardwired Safe Torque Off – plus the ability to simplify your machine design and minimise equipment redundancies.

This new safety option card provides Safe Torque Off functionality via the built-in Ethernet/IP port for the PowerFlex® 755, PowerFlex® 755TL, PowerFlex® 755TR and PowerFlex® 755TM drives.

The ability to integrate the safety functions over Ethernet/IP provides the opportunity to reduce hardware and installation costs while improving productivity.

The integration of the safety and standard control systems provides operators and maintenance personnel with visibility to all machine events – including safety events. This enables a quick response that allows the machine to return to full production faster. The Safe Torque Off option module has a SIL3, PLe, CAT 3 rating.

For flexibility and simplified machine design changes, Rockwell Automation’s option module from NHP can be used for both hardwired and networked Safe Torque Off applications.


Safe Torque Off

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