NHP delivers the next evolution of power quality solutions

As technology becomes more energy efficient, more compact and offers greater control and flexibility, the impact on power quality is an all too familiar shortcoming.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products is pleased to announce the expanding partnership with global leading power quality experts Delta Electronics to provide the technology needed to tackle today’s power quality challenges. Across Australia and New Zealand, the partnership promises to bring to the local market a complete range of Static Var Generators (SVG) and Active Power Filtering (APF).

Dynamic in response, the SVG and APF solutions provide power quality correction instantly for all load conditions ensuring you maintain very good power factor and low harmonic pollution.

With the ability to significantly reduce electricity bills to improving productivity and performance, look no further for a smart investment choice for better, reliable, adaptable, affordable, and modern technology to improve power factor and mitigate harmonics.

The modular design of SVG and APF technology makes them easy to install and allows for easy expansion as your requirements change. Hybrid combinations are also possible, providing customers with an all-in-one power factor and harmonic filtering solution when a complete power quality package is required.

With a range of cabinets to suit both commercial and industrial applications, 4 wire options for load balancing and a smart touchscreen interface, the low maintenance SVG and APF ranges are available in wall mount and floor standing options.

NHP’s reputation for providing high quality electrical engineering products is backed with an unparalleled commitment to technical product selection and application support. This latest partnership ensures NHP will continue to provide the Australian and New Zealand markets with the latest technologies and maintain the level of service successfully delivered for the past 50 years.

To find out about the next evolution of power quality solutions, speak with your local NHP Business Development representative or call 1300 NHP NHP.

Static Ver Generators and Power Filtering Solutions
Dynamic Power Quality Technology for modern infrastructure

NHP delivers the next evolution of power quality solutions
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