Migration of EWON COSY remote access devices

Modernise your industrial applications anywhere with remote, efficient and secure machine support.

EWON COSY remote access devices are being transitioned from the legacy COSY131 model to the new COSY+. Offering additional security features, COSY+ devices are now available to order.

Increased security with COSY+

COSY+ maintains all the technical specifications of COSY131, with four additional new features:

* Built-in secure element chip to safeguard confidential information and provide a hardware root of trust;

* Unique identity to prevent cloning and counterfeiting;

* Secure boot sequence to ensure that only code signed by EWON is executed; and

* Auto firmware upgrades.

Here's a quick reference guide to migrate from legacy products to COSY+


Compatible New Zealand network frequencies

COSY freq NZ

Note: EWON COSY+ is compatible with most of the frequencies, except Spark (Band 5) at 850MHz and Vodafone (Band 28) at 700MHz.

For more information, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

New Zealand    0800 647 647    sales@nhp-nz.com

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