Meeting the new standards for Ingress Protection

Meeting the new standards for Ingress Protection heroThe application of ingress protection (IP) Ratings has been updated under the new wiring rules AS/NZS 3000:2018 to suit local environmental conditions and revised figures identify where suitably IP rated equipment is to be installed. The changes are now mandatory in Australia (late 2019 in New Zealand).

An IP Rating is a two-digit grading system that is applied to the enclosure of a mechanical or electrical item and provides an internationally recognised and consistent way to assess its safety in specific environments or applications.

The first digit, between 0-6, indicates the degree of ingress protection from solid objects like fingers or dust, while the second digit, between 0-9, specifies the degree of ingress protection against liquids at varying intensities, angles, depths and pressure, or immersion. Where either the first or second digit is a “X”, it means the enclosure does not have an ingress protection rating.

Following the update to the Wiring Rules, some work in both residential and commercial projects will need to be completed differently and products used may change to ensure compliance with the IP Rating requirements.

When selecting an enclosure, it is also important to consider potential ingress from all possible sources of moisture and particles, including condensation due to ambient environmental changes.

NHP offers a comprehensive selection of high quality, compliant enclosures to suit a broad range of applications.

The Fibox ARCA single door enclosures are made from non-corrosive, high impact resistant and low maintenance polycarbonate with IP66 rating for excellent protection in wet and dusty environments and feature an innovative double corner to enable secure fitting without affecting the ingress protection.

To protect valuable equipment in the transportation, telecommunications and utilities industries, the Eldon EKOM aluminium floor standing enclosures are corrosion resistant, with a robust design that provides optimum heat management and enhanced weather protection. The single door model has IP66 ingress protection, with IP55 for double and triple door models.

In environments that need to comply with the highest cleanliness requirements, the Eldon stainless steel wall mount ASR/ADR enclosures provide IP66 (single door) and IP55 (double door) protection, with almost zero water absorption.

For controlled environments in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries that must to meet the strictest hygiene standards, the Eldon KDW is IP66 and IP69K rated for high temperature, high-pressure wash down application and comes in eight standard sizes to accommodate the majority of common applications.

The AS/NZS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules update is an important step forward in ensuring installation and use doesn’t impact on ingress protection. Talk to your local NHP representative or call 1300 NHP NHP to find out how you can meet the standards.

For information on NHP's products to support the updated wiring rules, download the brochures below!
Fibox ARCA Polycarbonate Enclosures
Make difficult easy with the next evolution in strong, corrosion proof enclosures. Eldon Stainless Steel Wall Mount Enclosures
Tough enclosures for protecting valuable equipment in arduous locations. Eldon EKOM Aluminium Enclosures
Rugged solutions for transport, telecommunications and utilities infrastructure. Eldon Floor Standing Enclosures
Flexible and dependable solutions for protecting valuable components. Eldon Stainless Steel Sloped Roof Wall Mount Enclosures
Specialised enclosures for protecting valuable equipment in mining and other dusty applications.

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