First-time NABERS ratings pays off

The City of Sydney’s 2017 Environmental Performance Grants Program is open again for round 3 and accepting applications from October 3 - November 20. Funding up to $10,000 is available for eligible organisations in the City of Sydney’s local government area who wish to perform energy audits or obtain first-time NABERS ratings and implement an action plan.

With that in mind, now is the perfect time to speak to an NHP expert about how NHP Infosyte (NHP's newly released cloud hosted energy management platform) can help you.


Why apply for first-time NABERS ratings?

Obtaining first-time NABERS ratings helps decision makers:

• Understand how well energy or water is managed in the building (owned, managed or occupied).
• Identify and prioritise opportunities to improve energy or water performance and reduce utility costs.
• Track efficiency improvements over time.
• Report data and promote good performance through a simple, industry standard star rating system.

The NHP InfoSyte Solution

The NHP InfoSyte platform includes a NABERS rating feature that leverages the official NABERS algorithm for real time building performance assessment. Utilising this feature can enable email notifications that highlight:

• The current estimate rating for all sites
• Tracking indicators that map actual performance to goals
• Graph-plotted daily, monthly and historical rating averages
• A summary of inputs used in the rating algorithm

The Results

By consolidating data from various sources and standardising it to one concise metric, using the NHP InfoSyte platform can help users prioritise key improvement opportunities across systems and processes. Ultimately, by enabling real-time reporting, NHP InfoSyte will enable users to repair systems issues, resulting in immediate energy savings and improved NABERS performance.

Reap the Rewards

Excellent NABERS ratings come with a suite of benefits that span financial, environmental and social forums. First, higher valuations, lower operating costs, increased rental income and reduced vacancy rates mean a more robust bottom line for owners. Second, in an increasingly competitive tenancy space, the property industry equates high NABERS ratings with good management and sustainability leadership. Third, by demonstrating a commitment to protect and conserve the environment, landlords are better positioned to attract tenants who expect greener buildings and healthier workplaces.

To read more about the City of Sydney’s ratings and assessment grants, visit their website.

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