Explore new possibilities with NHPs wireless switches and sensors

Wireless capability in field equipment is increasingly growing and creating a raft of new design possibilities. The inherent positioning flexibility of wireless and convenient placement of the central receiver provides a simple way to save on those long, awkward cable runs.

NHP are proud to advertise the most comprehensive wireless solution available, to suit the demands of your evolving applications.

  • A basic wireless system consists of up to 4 switches, receiver and external antenna
  • Mechanical switches available as standard with ‘Electrodynamic Energy Generator’ meaning the switches operate on self-generated power and do not require batteries or external power supply for operation
  • Long transmission distances possible with a rated transmission distance of 450m and nominal transmission for most indoor applications of 40-60m with range extension possible by using ‘repeaters’.

Our extensive range of wireless switches and sensors include pushbuttons, footswitches, limit switches, miniature remotes and inductive sensors. All products available are suitable for industrial automation and the building services industry. In addition, there are IECEx certified versions available which are suitable for Hazardous Area Applications.

These industrial-strength wireless switches and sensors communicate with higher level control systems via reliable wireless transmission and further open up new possibilities in terms of machine interfaces and increased design flexibility and mobility.

With the option of either battery-powered or battery-less operation, battery-less versions are able to generate their own power through the energy generated by clicking the switch to “Electrodynamic Energy Generation”.

Specialised devices “Universal Transmitters” can be connected to any standard industrial device with a relay outputs, creating a solution where the outputs can be switched wirelessly.

NHP are proud to bring these to the local market – customising solutions to suit varied application requirements. If you’re looking for a range of wireless switches and sensors that offer high reliability and robustness, look no further than NHP.


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