Expand your possibilities with advanced energy meters


Energy metering is at the core of understanding your energy consumption and provides you with smart way to manage and improve your use with accurate information. NHP is pleased to bring a new range of advanced energy meters to the market for all your measurement needs.

Energy metering providing high accuracy monitoring

Energy metering is the essential component to understanding your energy consumption and power quality, equipping you with data to make informative decisions. This is even more important given the increasing use of electronic devices within facilities and buildings, adding to the growing trend of electrical noise which is continuing to be a serious issue in the electrical networks.

The newly released NEMO 96EA from NHP provides high accuracy monitoring of energy and power measurements, ensuring you have all the important information required to identify consumption trends and any power quality issues. Take corrective actions quickly, whether that be to assist in improving uptime or reducing energy bills.

The NEMO 96EA captures critical events such as voltage dips, interruptions, sags and swells, flicker, rapid voltage change, and THD analysis (individual harmonic analysis up to the 40th harmonic) providing valuable insights into the power quality onsite.

Featuring 8MB of built-in memory that allows the storage of up to 3000 events, as well as energy consumption and real-time variables, the NEMO 96EA includes Modbus RTU communication as standard for remote monitoring. This modular power analyser integrates with digital and analogue I/O modules for the complete energy management solution.

Suitable for 415/690V applications as well as MV/HV (via voltage transformer), the NEMO 96EA has you covered whatever the application. For more information, please contact your local NHP Sales Representative or call 1300 NHP NHP.

Energy and Power Meter Range
The new generation of NEMO energy and power analysers.

Raise the bar with NHP’s advanced energy meter

NHP is pleased to bring to the local Australian and New Zealand markets the Conto D6 energy meter, expanding the possibility for energy metering.

Ideal as a sub-meter for installation within switchboards and panelboards, the Conto D6 energy meter is a three-phase, four-wire direct connect meter for current measurements up to 100A, delivering accurate and reliable measurement.

Featuring a programmable pulse output and remote monitoring capability via RS485 communication (MODBUS RTU), this device can measure total and partial energy, both active and reactive and also boasts two tariff management inputs for a complete energy management solution.

Designed for customer flexibility, this lightweight and compact product features quick and seamless installation with DIN rail mounts, easy to access sealable terminals and an intuitive user interface, reducing installation and set-up time.

Measurement variables include:
  • Total active and reactive energy
  • Partial active and reactive energy
  • Active power demand
  • Hour meter
  • Voltage, current and powers
  • Phase current and voltage
  • Active, reactive and apparent power
  • Frequency
  • Power factor

Elevate your ability to monitor and manage your energy consumption with the Conto D6 three phase energy meter from NHP.

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