Expand your possibilities with NHP's advanced energy meters

Energy metering is at the core of understanding your energy consumption and provides you with a smart way to manage and improve your use with accurate information. From basic energy monitoring to advanced power quality and channel monitoring, NHP has a range of high-accuracy energy meters for your site’s needs. An important part of energy monitoring is the ability to centralise data from different meters on site for ease of storage and analysis, which is why all of NHP’s meters are comms-enabled or have an option to be comms-enabled.

Save time and space

The EM270 is a quick-fit energy meter that has been designed with the sole purpose of saving time and space. The quick-fit CTs use fewer wires and terminals compared to a traditional solution, saving up 90% on installation time.

The EM270 monitors all electrical variables and energy consumption of two 3-phase loads or six single-phase loads independently of each other and displays it in real-time, either locally or remotely through Modbus RTU. A virtual sum of all the monitored loads is available via remote monitoring.

For applications with pre-existing wires, the EM271 has all the features of the EM270, but with split-core CTs. The EM271 meter and their respective split-core CTs are a time and space-efficient solution for retrofit applications that require a comms-enabled meter.

For more information, please contact your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

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