Energy savings of up to 80% with the new Allen-Bradley 100E and 100SE contactor range

Our new Allen-Bradley 100E and 100SE (safety) contactor range is engineered for performance and reliability to meet the most demanding applications, while optimising panel space and energy usage.

They feature a low consumption ‘electronic’ based coil that saves energy and reduces overall heat dissipation. You can save up to 80% of energy compared to conventional contactors and extend the life of your equipment and components.

The 100E and 100SE contactor range is designed for industrial applications that require high performance, reliability and durability. They can switch motors, transformers, capacitors, lighting and heating loads. They have a wide range of ratings - the 100-E contactors are made for 9A to 2650A applications and the 100S-E safety contactors are made for 9A to 750A applications - and can be easily integrated with Rockwell Automation control systems.

With the increasing need to meet sustainability metrics, the 100-E/SE contactors are a perfect fit for your motor starting projects due to their energy efficient design.

Slash huge energy bills and improve sustainability outcomes with Allen-Bradley 100E and 100SE (Safety) range of contactors!

To find out more, please call your local NHP Account Representative on 0800 647 647 or email us.


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