Connect now and plan for tomorrow.... NHP's smart energy management controller

When it comes to the ideal web-server based solution for monitoring small to medium size installations, NHP offers an Energy Management Controller (EMC) that is sure to fit your needs. The VMU-C controller gathers data from measuring devices such as energy meters and power analysers providing an easy to use energy monitoring system.

Featuring in-built dashboards, cost analysis and real-time measurements, the VMU-C EMC assists organisations optimise their energy and resource consumption and achieve impressive industry efficiency ratings such as NABERS and Green Star.

With its integrated machine to machine (M2M) functionalities, this leading Energy Management Controller is also capable of automatically transferring data via FTP, HTTP or MODBUS/TCP to a remote server where a SCADA, BMS or other specific database software is running.

Other key features include:

  • Real-time measurement of instantaneous variables (all variables)
  • Energy consumption trends and power variables shown as graphs
  • Alarms control with automatic e-mailing and SMS management
  • Dual tariff management
  • Local storage of system data (from 6 months up to 30 years) and exporting CSV file
  • Management of up to 11 add on I/O modules including environmental monitoring

By combining VMU-C with the VMU-Y embedded software or EM2 Server (server based software), the end user has the ability to remotely manage multi-site installations.

Using the VMU-C solution, customers and facility managers can:

  • Reduce energy bills by negotiating network tariffs
  • Reduce running and maintenance costs
  • Improve plant efficiencies and equipment lifespan
  • Identify cost savings where energy consumption can be improved
  • Protect your assets and improve your capital value

Implement an energy plan that works for you with the VMU-C Energy Management Controller!

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